Belfast Design Week 2020
Belfast Design Week is an annual design festival celebrating local and international design in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. This years theme was 'environment', exploring the role of design within our local environment and it’s influence on how we live and work. 
As part of the Pop-Up Design Museum event, I was commissioned to design a window exhibit for vintage store Young Savage. Working closely with the shop owner, I designed a poster and window vinyl and incorporated vintage books, clothing and plants into the display. 
I focused my design on sustainability and the idea of rewilding. 
Rewilding Belfast was inspired by David Attenborough's 'A Life on Our Planet'. In this film he describes how "forests are a fundamental component of our planet's recovery" and through rewilding and using renewable energy, our cities will be "cleaner and quieter". I have visualised how this could look in Belfast, where our reflections are not only filled with grey concrete buildings, but also with lush, green trees and foliage. Through clever, sustainable design, we can #rewildbelfast to make a positive impact on our environment.
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