If Sam Wore Pink
My brief was to design an album cover for local musician; Alan Patterson's latest release 'If Sam Wore Pink'. This album is a collection of beautiful, melodic instrumental songs dedicated to Lyra McKee, a Northern Irish journalist who was the victim of a hate crime. The main theme of the album is love without boundaries therefore I tried to reflect this in the artwork. The brief stated that the cover needed to include two figures and blue and pink were to be the dominant colours, reflecting the album title.
I created an ethereal background, with blue and pink as the dominant colours portraying a heaven like, soft atmosphere where love prevails. I illustrated two figures walking side by side whilst their shadows reach out to one another. This is juxtaposed with the large title type that breaks up the word 'PINK' to highlight the broken story. I added a soft overlay of finger prints to hint to the idea of identity and kept the back cover simple to increase legibility with the text.
The album can be found on Spotify.
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